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Do I Need to Hire a Law School Consultant?

Personal Guide.

Imagine you are planning your graduation trip through Italy. You’ve painstakingly penny-pinched for the extravagant adventure that awaits you. Part of the excitement lies in the planning. You’ve studied the maps, charted the plane and train schedules, outlined the various must-see attractions, and plotted each destination in detail.

But . . . will you miss the extreme travel discount readily available to more seasoned travelers? Will you miss the unique experience of enjoying the wine selection of a little-known sommelier hidden down a tiny cobblestone alley off the Amalfi coast, or the robust octogenarian’s homemade pasta making lessons in the hills of Tuscany known only to the locals? Will you truly appreciate the rich heritage before you without hearing the personal tales of those who lived there during the times exhibited in the museum? Maybe.

As a law school consultant, I offer insight into the adventure that awaits you. As a seasoned traveler, I share the personal details of what to expect in your application process, in your first year of law school, in your initial years as new lawyer. I stand as a guide for your journey.

Personal Trainer.

Imagine you have set your goals for better health post college. You know that good habits are formed through routine, so you set your intention to go to the gym, put in your cardio minutes, lift a certain amount of weight, do the appropriate reps and sets, and eat lean meat, fruits, and vegetables. You know what to do. You’re smart. You’ve outlined your goals, placed uplifting, inspirational quotes on your mirror and maybe even recruited a workout buddy.

But . . . will you do it? Do you have what it takes to stay on track – to stay motivated? Do you know how many minutes of cardio will get you to your goal weight? Do you know how to lift the weights correctly so that you don’t injure yourself? What if your workout buddy flakes? Do you flake? Maybe.

As a law school consultant, I’m walking the application journey with you. One step at a time. Together we brainstorm your story and stay on track with LSAT deadlines, letters of recommendation requests, application essays, in-person interviews and scholarship negotiation. When you wane in motivation, I’m here to provide the impetus you need. When you have questions of which direction to go, I’m here to point the way. And when you doubt yourself and your abilities, I’m here to encourage and build you up to send you on your way to a successful career in law.

One of the most crucial skills you will master in law school is the ability to not only ask questions but to ask the rightquestions. If you are considering applying to law school, don’t ask yourself should I hire a law school consultant. Instead ask, will I benefit from working with a law school consultant?

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